The Life of John Lorne Campbell of Canna by Ray Perman

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Canna is magic

Thanks for highlighting Canna. Some of my best moments in the Trust.

Canna House garden weaves a spell over everyone who visits it but it is not always obvious how much devoted work goes on behind the scenes. I am delighted to publish this tribute to the Thistle Camps, the dedicated volunteers of the National Trust for Scotland who have played such an important part in restoring the garden.  Now over to Jan Haenraets, landscape architect and former NTS Head of Gardens. Read more

Time for a radical rethink on Canna

From boat leaving Canna at sunset

Very disappointing news from Canna that Graham and Olivia Uney are to leave the island after less than a year. Their blog, Leaving Canna, gives brief details. I don’t know enough about the facts to  comment on their individual circumstances, but since this is the fifth family to leave in two years, surely the National Trust for Scotland, which owns the island must ask itself some hard questions.

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The fascinating story of a school in South Uist

 After an arduous journey by train and ferry, he arrived at Lochboisdale, at night to be met by the redoubtable Fr Allan McDonald, who set off at a brisk pace to walk the three miles to where Rea was to sleep for the night.

Island life was never for softies.  I wrote previously about the conference exploring the negative impact the Education (Scotland) Act 1872 had on the teaching of Gaelic. But other legislation around that period had a more positive effect on the islands. The true story of the innovative young English headmaster on South Uist offers a fascinating example.

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Canna questions

Today’s story in the Guardian moves me to write a letter to the editor.  Severin Carrell’s report on the sudden depopulation of Canna draws attention to the difficulties of living in a small, remote community and the problems facing the National Trust for Scotland.   The problem as always centres on land ownership.